Air Feeder Series

Automatic pneumatic air feeder machine

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Automatic pneumatic air feeder machine

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Detailed Info

Item/model AF-1C AF-2C AF-3C AF-4C AF-5C AF-6C AF-7C
Max.feeding width(mm) 50 65 80 100 150 200 250
Max.feeding length(mm) 50 80 80 130 150 200 250
Material thickness(mm) 0.5 0.8 1.2 1.5 2 2 2.5
Pneumatic pressure
4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Max.feeding S.P.M.
250 200 180 130 100 70 50
Fixed clamp friction(kg) 10 27 40 55 78 78 90
Moving clamp friction
30 49 65.5 72.5 144.5 169 200
Tension force(kg) 14 16.5 19.5 25.5 41 41 67
Air consumption(L/mm) 26.5 38.5 47 58.6 100.5 108.5 152
weight(kg) 8.8 9.6 12.8 19.6 38.4 52.4 80
Size(mm3) 321*38*92 373*38*110 380*46*130 524*46*157 603*60*220 768*68*280 867*70*330

Conventional model introduction of air feeder

  1. The central hole of the main structure is by lapped finishing first and then electroplating so as to better ensure its roundness and straightness, which thus enables the core shaft to run smoothly.
  2. After processed, the main structure goes through anti-corrosive treatment, and then it is cleaned through ultrasonic wave before assembled so as to guarantee trouble-free when processing leftover materials.
  3. The exchangeable reversal valve is constructed large circular angle and its internal bore goes through mirror polishing treatment so as to greatly improve feeder’s loading speed and the life span of sealing ring.
  4. All the sealing parts are introduced from Japan.
  5. Two-position three-way valve structure is adopted in the new floating lever and thus gas-leaking problem is solved.
  6. Two units of pneumatic cushions are adopted to efficiently reduce vibration and noise.
  7. The guiding rail is processed through hard chrome plating finish after going high tensile steel heating process. The connection between mobile part and guiding rail goes through accurate grinding so as to make machine moving and its motion flexible and stable.
  8. All screws are fixed with high-strength oxygen pressed rubber so as to avoid loosening from vibration, attain good sealing capacity.
  9. Air feeder feature compact conformation, high accuracy, high speed, and a good combination of beauty and application. All machines are tested strictly before go out factory.
  10. Particular model can be produced according to different dimension and length.

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