NC Servo Feeder Machine Series

Precision electronic numerical control roller feeder

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Precision electronic numerical control roller feeder

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Product description

CNC roll machine with high performance numerical control controller for user friendly operation. High efficiency, simple maintenance. Its superior production capacity, to provide the most competitive advantage for your operation. CNC roller feeder is the best design and installation of steel coil.


One High precision servo motor drive, fast operation, saving time and improving production efficiency.

Two This machine is developed by experience, which is the ideal long-term operation, long service life, high accuracy, easy maintenance.

Three Hard chrome plated roll, low wear and high precision.

Technical specification

Model NCF-200 NCF-300 NCF-400 NCF-500 NCF-600 NCF-700 NCF-800
Blank width 200 300 400 500 600 700 800
Material thickness 0.2-3.5
Transport capacity 2mm 200 300 400 500 600 700 800
2.5mm 180 280 380 380 460 480 480
Thickness * width 3mm 150 220 300 300 380 450 450
3.5mm 120 180 250 250 320 380 400
Max feeding speed 12
Motor type  KW AC1KW AC1.5KW AC2.0KW
Use voltage
AC Three-phase 220V/380V
Note: the above criteria are only for reference, and can be determined according to customer demand parameters.

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