Uncoiler Straightener Feeder 3 In 1 Series

3IN1 Servoi Feeder Machine (Thin Material Standar)

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3IN1 Servoi Feeder Machine (Thin Material Standar)

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3IN1 Servoi feeder Machine (Thin material standar)
●Material thickness:0.3—2.2mm  ●Width:300----1000mm
Product Description
● This big machine, combines uncoiler function, straightener function, NC servo roll feeder function together, so as 3 in 1.
● It can decoil suitable sheet metal coil, then straighten the sheet metal, then feed the sheet metal to press machine automatically, for automatic stamping processing.
●Suitable for various metal sheet uncoiling, straightening, feeding.
● Suitable for producing metal part hardware, electron, electrical appliance, toy and auto parts etc, by continuous uncoiling, straightening, feeder, pressing production.
● Japanese brand servo motor, PLC, and other good quality electric parts, with little malfunction, but long using time.
● Rollers have chrome plating, high precision, more durable.
● Input feeding length number easily, easy operation, safe and high stability.
●According to ergonomic optimization design, stable quality and safety performance, compact structure, to save using space
to ensure complex strurture and stable   safety additionally, it can save space.
●It adopts 7 pieces of straightening rollers, so can straighten high rigidity material effectively, to improve material straightening precision and feeding precision.
● For customers’ optional requirement, through servo system control, to adjust straightening range automatically, as higher automation.
●Electric Eye Loop Contol System
●Freed and Straightener rolls with a hard chrome finshed
●Outgoing catenary to assist and support the material
●Feeding line easily adjusts by advance worm gear screw jacks device
●Reference in dictator adjuster
●Hydraulic mandrel expansion
●Uncoiler-inverter device
●Hold down arms device
●The uncoil contain the butterfly brakes air compressor
●LCD touch screen operation system
●Die-high electric conditioning
●Hydraulic material feed in cart
Technical Parameter List:

          MODEL   Unit NCHF-300 NVHF-400 NVHF-600 NCHF-800 NCHF-1000
      Material width    mm   400
Thickness of material    mm                    0.3-2.2
 Max.Speed   m/min 22
Work roll /                    upper4/lower 3
Coil I.D    mm 508
Coil O.D    mm 1400
Material weight    KG                    3000/5000
Uncoiler expansion mode /                    Hydraulic
      Uncoil motor    KW AC2.2KW AC3.0KW
Servo motor    KW AC2.9KW AC4.4KW
Feed line direction / height    mm               Customer specified
Air pressure /                     5kg/cm²
Power supply    V                    AC220-440
Straightening Capacity
     Model                            Material Thickness  
0.3 0.6 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 2 2.2
Material     width          (mm) NCHF-300 300 220
NCHF-400 400 280 220
NCHF-500 500 390 250 220
NCHF-600 600 400 300 240 220
NCHF-800 800 600 400 300 240 220
NCHF-1000 1000 800 400 300 240 220

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