Double Head Uncoiler Machine Series

Without power Double head Materials

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Without power Double head Materials

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Mechanical structure:
Double head material frame
This model is composed of a frame, a main shaft box, and a loading rack in three parts.
Constitute, the main axle box for the whole, long wheelbase support, with
A small volume, less area, large capacity, convenient loading,
Use flexible function.
Mechanical properties:
Save reload time and improve production efficiency; with straightening machine used in conjunction; installation of motor and electric control is changed to power rack; choose hand expansion in two ways. This machine is suitable for fast stamping, such as stator, rotor, EI sheet punching products.

Model MDW-200 MDW-300 MEW-200 MEW-300
 Material width mm c 300 200 300
 Material thickncss mm 0-1.6 0-0.3 0-1.6 0-0.3
Reducer NO 1:60×2
Motor HP NO 2×1∕2
Power NO AC380V(AC three-phase voltage)380V
Material I .D mm Φ300-460 Φ450-530 Φ300-460 Φ450-530
Material O.D mm Φ1200
Max. Load kg 500×2 1000×2 500×2 1000×2
Machine Weight kg 300 400 400 500

Note: the above criteria are only for reference, and can be determined according to customer demand parameters.

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